Acceleration Online Training Program Cricket

The Sport of Cricket is Demanding More Athleticism

With the ever-growing popularity of limited overs and white ball cricket around the world, cricket is a sport that is demanding more and more athleticism from season to season. This makes it even more important to follow an exceptional training program that helps you reach your athletic potential. 

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Acceleration Online Training Program

JUNIOR LEVELS - The junior levels are for younger players (around 12 to 17 years).

SENIOR LEVELS - The senior programs are for 18 year olds and up.


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Cricket JR - Level 1

Level 1 incorporates exercises to develop your stability and strength. Do it and you will see what we mean when you hit level 2.    AU$18.00

Cricket JR - Level 2

Level 2 is all about getting stronger while improving the function of your barefoot and your hips.    AU$18.00

Cricket JR - Level 3

Level 3 will be hard work, but something that will make sure that you are one of the fittest in your club, while still fast and powerful.    AU$18.00

Cricket JR - Level 4

Level 4 ensures you maintain your fitness while you show your true strength, speed, and power. This will get you ready for the start of the cricket season!    AU$18.00

Cricket JRs - Levels 1-4

This complete Cricket Training Program ensures that the athlete is ready to perform to the best of his or her ability.    AU$72.00   AU$62.00

Cricket SR - Level 1

If you want to be able to bowl >130 km/hour, take screamers in the field and hit sixes; this is where you need to start! This program will focus on basic movement mechanics for bowlers, batters and fielders.    AU$25.00

Cricket SR - Level 2

Level 2 will introduce the cricketer to bowling and batting specific power both overhead and in the rotational plane.

Cricket SR - Level 3

Level 3 is touches on all aspects of the game and you will see the transfer to the cricket pitch!

Cricket SR - Level 4

Level 4 is all about moving fast, both in the weight room and in the movement section. You have put in the work with the previous 3 levels and now you can reap the rewards!    AU$25.00

Cricket SRs - Level 1 - 4

This complete package is designed for the older athlete using more advance exercises geared around preparing the cricket athlete for moving fast through all different planes, and having the utmost confidence in their body to execute their skills.    AU$85.00