Acceleration Online Strength Training Baseball

Baseball requires incredible strength and power.

To be able to pitch at 100 miles per hour like Aroldis Chapman, hit the ball out of the park like Aaron Judge,
steal bases like Ronald Acuna Jr or be an all-round star like Mike Trout, you need exceptional programs like these.

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Acceleration Online Strength Training

JUNIOR LEVELS - The junior levels are for younger players (around 12 to 17 years).

SENIOR LEVELS - The senior programs are for 18 year olds and up.


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Baseball JR - Level 1

Level 1 will focus on injury prevention and joint stability which will create the foundation for levels 2, 3, & 4.    AU$18.00

Baseball JR - Level 2

Level 2 will focus more on speed and develop strength for running speed and bat speed.    AU$18.00

Baseball JR - Level 3

Level 3 has even more specific exercises to baseball, but it will also give you a chance to build on your strength, speed and agility gains.    AU$18.00

Baseball JR - Level 4

Level 4 combines all of the previous levels to optimise power development and maximum strength gains prior to competition.    AU$18.00

Baseball JRs - Level 1-4

The complete set of Junior Baseball Performance Training Programs. Build habits and foundations of an exceptional baseball player.    AU$72.00   AU$62.00

Baseball SR - Level 1

Level 1 begins by creating a solid base inbody control, joint stability and strength and then encouraging an increase in running speed, bat speed & throwing velocity.    AU$25.00

Baseball SR - Level 2

Level 2 continues to work on joint stability & injury prevention and begins to incorporate specific movements to assist with baseball.    AU$25.00

Baseball SR - Level 3

Level 3 prioritises strength and power by dropping the reps to add weight to the strength systems.    AU$25.00

Baseball SR - Level 4

Level 4 drops the repetitions even further so you can add more weight for each strength and power exercise. This means you will be as strong as possible for your next season.    AU$25.00

Baseball SRs - Level 1-4

The complete Baseball Training package for SENIOR players. In 4 short weeks, you will be stronger, faster and more agile for baseball.    AU$100.00   AU$85.00