Australian Rules Football

Online Aussie Rules Strength Program

Aussie Rules is one of the greatest Australian sports of all time.  

The sport requires a high demand of athleticism and arguably produces some of the fittest athletes known to sport.

Acceleration Programs


Acceleration Online Strength Training

JUNIOR LEVELS - The junior levels are for younger players (around 12 to 17 years).

SENIOR LEVELS - The senior programs are for 18 year olds and up.


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AFL JR - Level 1

Level 1 incorporates exercises to develop your size and strength. Do it and you will see what we mean, especially when you hit level 2.    AU$18.00

AFL JR - Level 2

Level 2 is all about getting stronger while improving your Aussie Rules fitness.    AU$18.00

AFL JR - Level 3

Level 3 will be hard work, but at the end, you'll be one of the fittest in your club.    AU$18.00

AFL JR - Level 4

Level 4 ensures you maintain your fitness while building true strength, speed, and power. This will get you ready for the start of the Aussie Rules season!    AU$18.00

AFL JRs - Level 1 - 4

Become the complete Aussie Rules player. Get all four of these excellent training programs in one package. Save $10!    AU$72.00   AU$62.00

AFL SR - Level 1

Level 1 covers the essential building blocks to a successful AFL season. Minimises stress on your joints but maximises muscular development and size.    AU$25.00

AFL SR - Level 2

Level 2 will see you really improve your strength, with lower reps while lifting faster but still maintaining technique. Includes progressions for power training, adapting more advanced movements to see even greater results.    AU$25.00

AFL SR - Level 3

Level 3 will be hard work however, with gained strength and power you will be the fittest athlete in your club.    AU$25.00

AFL SR - Level 4

Level 4 is a maximum strength phase where the core emphasis in on core lifts to maximise neural adaptation.    AU$25.00

AFL SRs - Levels 1-4

Maximise strength and power and increase your aerobic fitness for AFL. Get all four of these excellent training programs in one package and save $15!    AU$100.00   AU$85.00