AccelerWare is a cloud software with all the features you need to be succesful!

If you weren't thinking of a cloud-based software for your work before, perhaps you will change your mind when you realise the many benefits.  'In cloud' means that you can access all of your programs, contacts and reports from anywhere. You can work remotely with students, clients, patients or athletes.  Cloud software also enables the automation of communication, reminders, and paperwork through emails and SMS messaging,  just to name a few.  The best part is the ability to expand and grow quickly, cheaply and easily.  Uploading big, lumbering software on your harddrive is a thing of the past! Jump on into the cloud!


Users Menu Features | AccelerWare

Your Staff, Clients, Athletes & Patients

Collect, store, and find all relevant information, videos & documents 

  • Appointments
  • Quizzes
  • Training Programs
  • Consultations 
  • Injuries
  • Access Settings
  • Orders
  • Invoices 
  • Accreditations + more
Sales Features | AccelerWareSales

Your Products, Orders & Sales
Write proposals, create marketing plans and write/send surveys to anyone

  • Author and sell your programs on the internet 
  • Use Accelerware's online e-commerce or set up your own
  • Generate Reports on business activity
Training Load Features in AccelerWareTraining Load

Monitoring Your Teams' Training Load

Take out the guesswork when avoiding over- or under-training your team 

  • Collect data on the spot using Ipad or similar device 
  • Maintain detailed records of training load, strain, and monotony
  • Generate reports 
  • Develeoped with Aaron Coutts

Resources Features | AccelerWare


Your Digital Resources 

  • Keep all media in one place
  • Manage images and videos
  • Store resources, forms, letters, brochures
Staff Menu Features in AccelerWare

Your Staffs' Details, Time Sheets, and Education 

Search and List all staff members and their information 

  • Store employment details (rates, dates, qualifications)
  • Schedule daily, weekly, and monthly rosters
  • View/edit/print timesheets 
  • Create, administer, and grade quizzes 
  • Extend staff education through research projects 
Training Menu Features

Your Exercises, Programs, & Periodisation Charts 

Build, store, edit, and send programs and charts to anyone

  • 1,001+ exercise database w/text & videos
  • Add/Edit your exercises or drills
  • Program database to copy/paste/edit 
  • Create your own training programs 
  • Quickly create/copy/edit colour-coded periodisation charts 
  • Give online access to programs, testing results & calendar
Communication Menu Features | AccelerWare

Your Messages, Letters, and Emails

Create, store, and write letters and emails with templates 

  • Write automatic email responses/reminders 
  • Write, view, and store inter- and intra-office messages 
  • Maintain a contact log and task list 
  • Contact 1 or many users in your database using email or SMS
Testing Menu Features | AccelerWare

Your Protocols, Results, & Reports 

Monitor Progress - Use database of tests or build your own protocols

  • Run reports and monitor results 
  • Compile and display online record boards 
  • Give access to results online 
  • Upload previous testing results via CSV file
Calendar Menu Features | AccelerWare

Your Client, Facility, Staff and Team Schedules 

Make, edit, and view colour-coded bookings and schedules 

  • Multiple Appointment Types 
  • Email Reminders
  • Enrolment Forms
  • Registration Managment
  • Group Rosters
  • Generates/Emails Tasks to Complete 
  • Give Online Access to Calendar 
  • Automatic Invoicing
Administration Menu Features | AccelerWare

Your Business 

  • Staff role assignments (permissions/security)
  • Business analysis and reporting 
  • Yearly budgets and reporting 
  • Upload bookkeeping files 
Check In Menu Features | AccelerWare

Your Members/Athletes

Use a scanner to log and report who is coming in, how often and when

  • Complie attendance data
  • Great for discovering poor attendance and slow times/days

Inventory Menu Features | AccelerWare


Your Stores of Equipment & Stock 

Search, find and keep a record of your stuff

  • Enter name and quantity 
  • Specify who has it or where the item is 
  • Receive emails from the systems when supplies are getting low

Help Menu Features | AccelerWare Help

Helping You Get Started and On-Going Support

You won't feel abandoned!

  • Searchable video tutorials 
  • Quick Guides with screen captures and text 
  • Email Support & Phone Support
  • Mouse Hover/Information Bubbles
  • Monthly newsletters
Spell check feature in AccelerWare Spell Check 

Your Spelling

Send the best message and keep your good image

  • Misspelled words in a message, referral letter or proposal just isn't a good look. 
  • Use the built in Spell Check to make sure your message gets across without mistakes.
Brilliant Idea Feature in AccelerWare My Brilliant Idea

Your Team's Brilliant Ideas

AccelerWare's version of a 'Suggestion Box'

  • Collect, store and reward your team for submitting ideas that work

Something not here that you really need?  Contact us to make sure.   If AccelerWare doesn't have something you need, it can be added through a Customisation.

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