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Training Programs
Testing Features in AccelerWare
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Training Load Feature | AccelerWare
Training Load


 "Using Accelerware and working with the owner and developer Stew has been a game changer for my strength and conditioning business. It's by far the best  all-in-one solution for any personal trainer, strength coach and/or a training facility with multiple trainers."

"No details are missed, from program periodization to their extensive exercise database, you will not be disappointed, especially with the cost. I wish I would have found this platform a lot earlier." - Richard Tremblay, Owner of Athlete Strength and Performance


Are you looking to run your programs on iPads?  AccelerWare works really well on iPads in small and large group training sessions!



Training Programs Features | AccelerWare

Training Programs - 
Write, edit and save strength, power, speed, conditioning programs


- use iPads to run training sessions - enter weights & view exercise videos
- tap into the rich database of  1001 + proven exercises and drills 
add your own media-rich exercises to the database
- write online training programs to print, view, edit and share
- build programming based on your periodisation charts
- view programs in day or week view
- Each athlete has access to their programs, test results, calendar and more.

Create online periodisation charts

Questions?  Want to check it out? Use the form to request a live demo.

How would you like to speed up your testing sessions?  AccelerWare allows you to enter training data on the go!
Testing Features in AccelerWare Testing Data Collection & Reporting
Collect your testing data and report the results
- Enter your testing data during your session into your iPad or tablet
- Monitor the progress of your athletes and teams
- Use the built-in testing protocols or build your own
- Run reports and monitor results
- Compile and display online record boards (example)
- Give athletes access to their results online
Collect testing data

Questions?  Want to check it out? Use the Demo Request form to organise a live demonstration.

Are you looking for ONE software that does everything?  AccelerWare has a calendar, staff management, communication and more!
Calendar Features in AccelerWare Your Athlete, Team, Staff and Facility Schedules
Make, edit and view colour-coded bookings and schedules

- Set up recurring sessions in a series
- Automatically remind athletes of training times.
- Athletes enter themselves straight into your AccelerWare 'User' database using 'Enrolment Forms.'
- Upload athlete details into AccelerWare via excel file import.
- SMS, Email, Survey all or 1 of your athletes quickly and easily.
- Automatically compile a 'Task to Complete' list of programs to write, etc.
- Invoices are drawn up and uplinked to Saasu, currently working with XERO

Features in the Users Menu | Accelerware Your Coaches, Athletes & Professional Contacts
Collect, store and find all relevant information, videos and documents

- Appointments
- Training Programs
- Injuries
- Invoices
- Contact Information
- Quizzes 

Staff Management Feature | AccelerWare Staff Management - Coaches, Managers, Owners, Support Staff ....
Your people are an important resource, manage them well and help them be more productive.
- Store employment details (rates, dates and qualifications)
- Schedule daily, weekly and monthly rosters
- View, edit, print timesheets
- Email, SMS 1 or all staff with one message
- Track renewal dates for certifications, blue cards, set hourly rates under Staff
- Quiz, Challenge, Educate your staff with online tests and projects

Questions?  What to check it out? Use the Demo Request Form to organise a live demonstration.

Would you like to make money while you slept? AccelerWare gives you the ability to sell the programs you write!
Make money while you sleep! Sales Feature | AccelerWare Make Money While You Sleep!
Your products, orders & Sales 

- Author and sell your programs on the internet
- Use AccelerWare's online e-commerce or  set up your own
- Join the list of featured experts on AccelerWare's website
-  Also, write proposals, create marketing plans and write/send surveys to anyone
- Affliations with AccelerWare are also a possibility. 

Help / Customer Support
You won't feel abandoned!

- Searchable video tutorials
- Quick Guides with screen captures and text
- Email support and Phone Support
- Mouse Hover/Information Bubbles

- Monthly Newsletters with extra tips

Questions?  What to check it out? Use the Demo Request Form to organise a live demonstration.

"Besides the quality of the Accelerware software itself, Stew was a great resource as we got started and learned a new software system.  There were countless emails with a long list of questions that he announced promptly, and numerous skype sessions and other video meetings where he demonstrated several features of the software and helped us troubleshoot.  During this initial learning phase, he was very patient.

In addition, we have requested several customizations and he and the staff have done a tremendous job working with us to optimize our screen displays and features.  Overall, our use of Accelerware is still relatively new but it has definitely streamlined our procedures to register, schedule, test, train and educate our athletes.  We can easily track athletes from everything from demographics to training sessions to testing results to video analysis to financial aspects.  It serves very much like an electronic medical record for the athlete – all in one system.  It also makes our program look and feel very professional."

Joe Eisenmann, PhD, Director of the Spartan Nutrition & Performance Program, Michigan State University

Only pay for what you use!


The pricing structure is based on how many staff members or coaches you add into the system.  It is really, very affordable. 


We can offer several software add-ons to your AccelerWare

Training Load Feature | AccelerWare Training Load Data Collection & Reporting - 
Take out the guesswork to avoid over- or under-training your team
 - Improve your team's performance and reduce injury by monitoring training load.
- Active live cells allow you to collect individual training load data on the spot using Ipad or similar device.
- Everything is calculated for you, just enter the RPE data.
- Maintain detailed records of training load, strain and monotony  
- Coaches and managers have log-in access to these results and to training programs.
- Graphs and reports make the data quick and easy to read, analyse and share.

Customisations  "F@$# Yeah Stewwwwwwwyyyy!"  - a direct quote from a very happy strength coach who saw his customisations for the first time.

Consider AccelerWare as your platform to propell your program forward and customise it to suit your needs. Tell us what changes you would like and we can get back to you with a quote to make changes.

eNewletters - Fully utilise your client database by sending electronic newsletters using AccelerWare.  This is an add-on feature that can make a significiant difference in keeping your clients happy and getting more business.  

Client Testimonial

"I looked at Accelerware as a potential solution to centralise all the areas of Strength and Conditioning that goes with training multiple National/International level programs. After a short amount of time I knew this was the software I need to run my business. The ability to store and report information on Annual Planning, Testing and Training Load is beneficial enough but ease of creating training programs with highly customizable features has cut down my administration time and spend more time on court and in the gym. With this software I alone am able to run a high quality strength and conditioning program and it is evident that Accelerware is designed by a Strength and Conditioning Coach for Strength and Conditioning Coaches."

Adam Wolski
Strength and Conditioning Coach
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Australian Rollers

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