Saasu Integration


Accelerware can provide you with a complete accounting solution by integrating with Saasu.  It syncs invoices, contacts and payments with Saasu and also has an integrated POS system. 

Setting up your Saasu / Accelerware Integration

To allow Accelerware to talk to Saasu, you will need to enable web services.

The Saasu help page has instructions on turning web services on (scroll down to the Activating API Access for Your File section.)

Once your have your access key (the 32-character string) and your file uid, log back in to Accelerware, and go to "Administration", "Franchises", and edit the Franchise that should be connected to Saasu.  Locate the Accounting section, and select the "Saasu" option.  Enter your file ID and access key and save your changes.

Accelerware will get a copy of your list of accounts, inventory items, bank accounts and so on from Saasu on a daily basis.  If you need to update these lists more urgently, just edit the Franchise again and look for the Sync Accounts List link.

Here's how Saasu and Accelerware get along:

  • When an invoice is created in Accelerware:
    • The related contact is automatically added or updated in Saasu
    • The invoice is created in Saasu
    • If required, the invoice is emailed to the contact
    • The total amount owing by the contact is updated and is visible on the Accelerware client calendar.

  • When an invoice is paid by Direct Debit arrangement:
    • Accelerware currently integrates with Pay and Go, PaySmart and Ezidebit for direct debit payments.
    • If you are using an integrated Direct Debit provider with Accelerware, as soon as a payment is received, the invoice will be automatically marked paid in Saasu

  • When an invoice is paid in your office
    • You can mark an invoice paid in Accelerware and it will immediately be marked paid in Saasu.

  • When you use the POS system built into Accelerware
    • An invoice is automatically created in Saasu for each sale and marked Paid using the appropriate method.

  • When you view a contact in Accelerware
    • Accelerware will display a list of all invoices that relate to that contact
    • You can then mark an invoice paid, or if you have Direct Debit set up, you can schedule payment of the invoice.

  • When you use Accelerware’s automated camp/training enrolment system:
    • A Saasu invoice can be created automatically, paid via Paypal, and marked paid straight away, reducing administrative costs.

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