Accelerware for High Schools


AccelerWare for Highschool


AccelerWare is an easy to use, online software that students love. With 100+ strength and conditioning exercises available, anyone can learn the purpose, technique and coaching cues of these specific exercises.
No book or computer-based program on strength and conditioning allows its users to keep their work to:
edit, print out, change and build from anywhere.

Teachers can:

  • Monitor student usage (Login Reports)
  • Evaluate student work and progress on projects
  • Give 'homework' that cuts down on instruction time
  • Email messages and/or instructions to individuals or a group of students

Benefits of AccelerWare:

  • Standardises exercise names, execution of exercises and program design platform 
  • Accessible from any internet connection
  • Incorporates technology into the learning environment
  • Easy to learn and use - built in features for making design fast.
  • Competitve prices compared to text books
  • Includes examples of programs and periodisation charts
  • All work is back-up on web server, no lost work!

Student Testimonials:

“Not being overly experienced in writing programs I learned new exercises and how to layout programs and periodise was extremely helpful in enabling me to understand exercise prescription.”

“The software allows for easy learning, and a professional program tailored to my individual needs.”

Some of the features you will find in the software:

  • Delivered Online and Accessed via Usernames and Passwords
  • 100 Strength and Conditioning exercises complete with videos, written descriptions, teaching points and purpose
  • Progressive photos showing correct technique for each exercise
  • Built-in Sets and Reps to choose from or make your own 
  • Search for the exercises you need
  • Users can add their own favourite exercises
  • Example Training Programs and Periodisation Charts
  • Online ‘How To’ tutorials
Easy to Use

This software was originally developed by a professional performance enhancement company that trains 1,000’s of professional, elite and developmental athletes a year. Therefore, AccelerWare has been designed using an Internet Browser format to streamline and simplify the processes of writing periodisation charts, designing training programs and educating coaches and athletes on proper exercise techniques.


 If you can navigate your way through a website, fill in a text form and make a selection from a drop-down menu, you can use AccelerWare.

  “It was great being able to write a program and have it printed ready to use in under 30 minutes!”  

 “AccelerWare was much better than using Excel”  

After more than ten years in the making, we are confident that AccelerWare will have you and your students writing professional training programs within 30 minutes. 

Great Value for Money

Books are great, but for this subject, an online tool will save you and your students’ time, effort and money - especially in the long run. This is based on AccelerWare’s delivery method, the pricing structure and the infinite potential to build and access your and your student’s work online for the life of the subscription.

The delivery method allows us to keep our costs down as we don’t have printing and publishing costs. Maintaining and updating any of the material in this software is very simple, so you can look forward to improvements over the years.

The pricing structure allows you to pay for only the number of students you need! Even better, individual students can pay for and become enrolled in AccelerWare themselves!

AccelerWare also allows teachers and students to build and maintain a library of training programs and periodisation charts that can be accessed for the life of their subscription. No book or computer-based program on strength and conditioning allows its users to keep their work to edit, print out, change and build from anywhere.

It was a lot cheaper compared to buying a book! – University of Technology Sydney student

Access from Anywhere

AccelerWare is a crisp, clean website that is accessed using a username and password. This means that you can access the software from anywhere! We’ve tested AccelerWare on the three most popular web browsers and on Apple’s iPhone!

 Accessing AccelerWare online is so much better than CD’s, DVD’s and books because those formats are expensive, cumbersome, become outdated and often get lost, wiped off a hard drive or damaged.

 This delivery method also means that as we make improvements and/or add new exercises, all subscribers will be able to enjoy them. The best thing about AccelerWare is that for the life of your subscription, you can keep, edit, printout and add to your database of training programs and periodisation charts.

“AccelerWare is so accessible, if you forget your book or CD, then you have nothing but having it available on the Internet allows for easy access almost everywhere you go.”
– University of Technology Sydney student


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