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Getting organised isn't sexy but having your business systems down pat feels pretty darn good.

Powerful Client Calendar - AccelerWare

Communicate Quickly, Easily and Automatically Communicating

Member Satisfaction

Manage Your Staff - AccelerWare

Trainers/Staff Management

Automate Invoices and Payments
 Cash Flow Systems

"Using Accelerware and working with the owner and developer Stew has been a game changer for my strength and conditioning business. It's by far the best all-in-one solution for any personal trainer, strength coach and/or a training facility with multiple trainers." - Richard Tremblay, Owner Hockey Strength and Performance


Get a handle on your calendar and promote it!

Powerful Client Calendar - AccelerWare Your Members, Facility, Trainers and Program Schedules
Make edit and view colour-coded bookings


Customer, Trainer and Center Calendar - View by day, week or month
Choose from multiple appointment types
- Benefit from automatic email reminders
- Give Members access to the calendar online
- Calendar generates automatic invoices


Offer your members more by giving them better customer service


Keep and Attract New Members
- Send out reminder emails or special offers.
- Email Diet tips, training tips, motivational messages
- Each member will have their own log-in details where they can see their fitness program, view the exercises, enter their weights.

Manage and Keep Your Members - AccelerWare  Manage Members and Memberships
- Bar Code Tracking
- Email, SMS one person or 1,000+  people
- Set Up Automatic emails / reminders
- Import members via an Excel CSV file
Get the crew on board with an excellent staff calender, timesheets and reporting features

You spend a lot of time dealing with staffing issues.  You have to make sure they are busy and getting paid for their time but there also legal obligations that you have to keep track of. AccelerWare can help you keep track of things, communicate with them, manage their payroll and heaps more.

Manage Your Staff Manage Your Staff
- Communicate easily with one or all of them at once
- Maintain certifications (First Aid) expiries, renewals
- Schedule them in the calendar
- Calender creates automatic timesheets for payroll
   Motivate Your Staff
-  ‘My Brilliant Idea’ feature allows staff to make suggestions to contribute to the operations business and customer satisfaction.
- Give them a ‘Tasks to Complete’ list
- AccelerWare works through technologies like Apple’s Iphone or Ipad to keep Gen Y trainers interested and engaged.
   Train Your Staff
- Develop an online orientation manual
- Keep their skills sharp and administer quizzes or exams
- Make team meetings really effective through planning
- Use the exercise database as a training tool on exercise prescription and technique.
No one likes the ups and downs.  Keep cash flow steady - full steam ahead!

Running your fitness centre is time consuming and expensive.  Use AccelerWare's business reporting function to get a quick snapshot of the numbers coming in.  Be aware of 'slow' periods in your business and develop marketing plans to bring more people in. Automating payments from clients helps alot, too.

Manage Your Business
- In a picture, see how your business is going.
- There is a variety of different graphs to help you manage your business
- Marketing Plans, plan out your marketing for the month, year, next couple of years.
-  Automatic Invoicing and direct debiting with EziDebit, Payment Hub and PayPal
Quickly write training programs for great results

Online Exercise Technique Descriptions

Design Professional/Effective Training Programs - Program designing has been streamlined to allow trainers to quickly and easily write effective fitness programs for their clients. - Write example or sample programs for your trainers to maintain your standards. - Copy, edit and save any existing program to save a lot of time. - Give members professional fitness programs including cardio, weights, core and flexibility

"Besides the quality of the Accelerware software itself, Stew was a great resource as we got started and learned a new software system.  There were countless emails with a long list of questions that he announced promptly, and numerous skype sessions and other video meetings where he demonstrated several features of the software and helped us troubleshoot.  During this initial learning phase, he was very patient.

In addition, we have requested several customizations and he and the staff have done a tremendous job working with us to optimize our screen displays and features.  Overall, our use of Accelerware is still relatively new but it has definitely streamlined our procedures to register, schedule, test, train and educate our athletes.  We can easily track athletes from everything from demographics to training sessions to testing results to video analysis to financial aspects.  It serves very much like an electronic medical record for the athlete – all in one system.  It also makes our program look and feel very professional."

Joe Eisenmann, PhD, Director of the Spartan Nutrition & Performance Program, Michigan State University


There is so much more to tell you about.  You will find that there are many more features within AccelerWare Fitness to help you build your success story. 

Customisations - Is AccelerWare missing something you need?  Consider it your platform to propell your business forward and customise it to suit your needs.  Tell us what changes you would like and we can get back to you with a quote to make changes.

eNewletters - Fully utilise your client database by sending electronic newsletters using AccelerWare.  This is an add-on feature that can make a significiant difference in keeping your clients happy and getting more business.

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