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We all want the same things. We look for tools and resources that help us to save time and money and to work more efficiently. And if we are really lucky, we find one that does those things and more! AccelerWare easily fits that description. It educates people. It brings people together. It helps people reach their goals and to lead a healthier lifestyle. You can probably tell, there is a story behind this software, a true story involving an ambitious man, a small business and a dream.

It all happened through the development of a sports performance enhancement company. To build a successful and thriving business of training athletes, a team of professionals in strength and conditioning and computer science worked together to create AccelerWare. Simply put, for Educators, this software enables you to teach exercise technique, program design and periodisation chart creation. For Fitness Trainers, it means designing training programs and scheduling clients and staff. For the Sports Coach/Organisation, it means the ability to calculate Training Load, manage teams, periodise training programs for the various components of the season…

Like most great inventions, this software was created because there was a need. All you have to do now, is choose AccelerWare to help you make your own sucess story.

Australian Office Phone: +61 7 3859  6061

Our History:

The first code for AccelerWare was created in the year 2002. It was originally created from a need to have testing results online for coaches and athletes to view for feedback. From these humble beginnings the software was developed so that gradually our whole business could be run using this online software.

In 2003, we began to move away from relying on email feedback to a username and password protected interface. We also began to develop an online library of exercises to help with staff training.

In 2004, we began to heavily invest into AccelerWare in the area of calendar. Many hours were devoted to transferring information from paper to online and there were many headaches along the way. Now the Calendar feature is one of teh most tested and highlt used parts of the AccelerWare software.

In 2005, we made our primary focus. We felt like this was the area of growth for sports science, because coaches needed to start to quantify training. During this time we started to sell to many high profile sporting teams. We sold our first online training programs during this year and each year we have grown this area of the business.

In 2006, we focussed on switching ALL training programs from excel to online. By late 2006 we completely broke away from our traditional excel training programs and went completely online. Once again this did not come without its problems, however through the help and support of our staff we were able to get it so our coaches could write programs faster and more accurately than in excel.

In 2007, we refined our periodisation charting portion of our software to reduce the time it takes to construct a chart from hours to literally just a few minutes. This was the year where we expanded into virtually every aspect of our business. We installed an Inventory, sales, and communication area that all helped to improve our systems and streamlined many mundane processes.

In 2008 Adrian Cois (Franchisee of Acceleration Gold Coast) had the idea of making the software available to the world. Up until this point, apart from we had kept all of the features of AccelerWare to Acceleration Franchises only.

In 2009, we spent the whole year trying to get the education version of AccelerWare fool proof. It was extensively tested with the University of Technology, Sydney. Our aim was to create a software which makes designing periodisation charts faster, writing training programs easier and researching exercises a synch. We hope that you think that our time was well spent!

In 2010, we switched our attention to making the professional and custom versions commercial ready. We had been using it for years with Acceleration, but we needed to build in huge amounts of flexibility so that a person could do what they wanted to do with AccelerWare. Kris Scaife had the brilliant idea of live cells, so we began to make this a reality.

In 2011, we refined a huge amount of what AccelerWare does and enhanced areas to make it more user friendly. We want AccelerWare to become as intuitive as possible. To do this we wanted to use AccelerWare in EVERY aspect of our business. Therefore 2011 became the year that Acceleration went paperless and therefore leading the way for other service providers to do the same thing with little to no issues along the way.

In 2012, we are focused on integration with other software applications to make AccelerWare more interchangeable in different industries. We listened to our customers because they became the source of innovation for the future. We knew that Accelerware can be "Everything You Need" because we continuously adapted it to suit the needs of our customers so that they were 100% satisfied with what it does for them everyday.

in 2013, we look to solidify our standing in multiple industries by ensuring that we exceed expectations for each and every customer. We did a number of very large changes to AccelerWare including large structural changes to our server to better our speed and stability of our service. 

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