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Sporting Organisations are important places.  They are important to the players and their families.  They are places where people can work with a sport they are passionate about. 

Wouldn't it be great to take even better care of your members, coaches and volunteers by running the club and everything you do more efficiently?

AccelerWare was orginally designed to make a small business run more efficiently in order to franchise and to make a profit in an industry that isn't necessarily robust.

AccelerWare would not only  manage your staff and volunteers, it could manage your members/memberships and sporting calendar.  AccelerWare could also be used to standardise the day-to-day systems of running a club:

  • coaching standards,
  • the delivery of practices
  • drills and team conditioning protocols

Design and import these items once and use them forever.  You can also:

  • Create online enrolment forms,
  • Take payment for memberships/uniforms and other gear online,
  • Send SMS or email messages to one or many groups of people/players.

"Using Accelerware and working with the owner and developer Stew has been a game changer for my strength and conditioning business. It's by far the best  all-in-one solution for any personal trainer, strength coach and/or a training facility with multiple trainers."
- Richard Tremblay, Owner of Athlete Strength and Performance

"Besides the quality of the Accelerware software itself, Stew was a great resource as we got started and learned a new software system.  There were countless emails with a long list of questions that he announced promptly, and numerous skype sessions and other video meetings where he demonstrated several features of the software and helped us troubleshoot.  During this initial learning phase, he was very patient.

In addition, we have requested several customizations and he and the staff have done a tremendous job working with us to optimize our screen displays and features.  Overall, our use of Accelerware is still relatively new but it has definitely streamlined our procedures to register, schedule, test, train and educate our athletes.  We can easily track athletes from everything from demographics to training sessions to testing results to video analysis to financial aspects.  It serves very much like an electronic medical record for the athlete – all in one system.  It also makes our program look and feel very professional."

Joe Eisenmann, PhD, Director of the Spartan Nutrition & Performance Program, Michigan State University


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Client Testimonial

"If you are a S&C Coach who works with professional athletes remotely then Accelerware is an absolute must!  Accelerware is a very cost effective tool and overcomes many of the challenges of working with athletes remotely.  Most importantly the athletes love using the system because it is intuitive, easy to use and they can assess there testing, training load, programs (with videos) and periodisation on the click of a button.  I value the ability to view their training program result as soon as they have completed the session, hence, I can make real time decisions for the next training session despite being on the other side of the world.  The same goes with monitoring training load and even creating customisable questionnaires such as well-being or feedback surveys etc.  All this information and ability is done without the need to contact the athlete directly.  Accelerware has been an integral tool in working with GB Women’s Basketball team."

Michael Davie
Senioar Strength & Conditioning Coach
GB Women's Basketball

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